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Order of the Lily and the Eagle

The Order of the Lily and the Eagle was founded a little over a hundred years ago and comes with the aim of helping humanity to advance both individually and collectively. The Order has as its motto:

Love and Reciprocity,
Established in the heart of Humanity.

The unique goal of the Order is to help deliver humanity from hardship and its difficulties, so anyone who expresses such an interest, to affirm who they truly are, and to contribute to a better society, are welcome to contact us.

In order to liberate and develop ourselves, we must each study Marie's theorems but most of all, apply the truths and wisdom that we find in her teaching. As is the case for all True Initiations, our teaching is well structured to meet and fulfil the demands and difficulties that we meeting in our life. And as Marie's teaching is universal, it is applicable to each and every single person independant of all the difference that exist between people. The Teaching is practical, applicable and most of all, achievable even though it will require a bit of personal effort by each of us.

Once the adherent has completed their studies of the first 15 theorems, they can join the Lily and Eagle to continue their personal initiatic work and to also help spread our Teaching throughout humanity.

As a member of the OLE, someone can continue their own personal effort as well as contribute to the realization of 'Universal Charity' in society. By this we do not mean that the Order is a mutual benefit society. The work of the Order extends to all people as the aim of 'Universal Charity', is to help anyone physically, psychically and spiritually.

The Order of the Lily and the Eagle considers freedom and independence of each person being of an overriding importance. The Lily and Eagle therefore creates for each adherent and member an environment that is free from prejudice, dogma as well as any moral and intellectual doctrines. This is the only way that someone can discover and develop who they really are by creating and developing their own unique personality without any external influences. This is a true education as it is guided by the wisdom that is within the theorems of our Order, and according to the uniqueness of each individual. This is the starting point for anyone that wish to better themselves and has the desires to contribute towards a healthier society.

  • What is Initiation?
  • Is it a secret society?
  • Is it a way of acquiring mystical powers?
  • Is immortality gained by the manufacture of the 'elixir of life'?

  • It is none of these things.

Every 'True Initiation' should be a teaching that involves considerable personal effort. It requires hard work and a steady persistence. It aims not only to impart profound and transcendental truths but, through this very knowledge, to bring about transformations at every level. In order to form a true personality, each adherent must overcome and discard all the influences and conditioning that – up until this moment in life – has fettered and obscured their true purpose. In short, the person is obliged to discover who they are and then to express who they really are. This is achieved by discarding everything within them that is alien or foreign to that unique expression. In this way you will manage create a normal life of serenity, harmony and balance.

The aim of our Order is achieved by helping you to acquire your own individual freedom and enable you to create your own unique and independent personality. Then, as members of our Order, our second aim can be achieved by helping to establish 'Love and Reciprocity' throughout humanity as a whole.

The Eonian Tradition of the Order of the Lily and the Eagle consists of the study and application of 45 theorems of our Order. The first 15 'keys' are given freely to you as Adherent, following the proscribed method of True Initiation without any further commitment to our Order. That is, you do not have to become a member of our Order in order to receive the first 15 theorems. After completing those theorems, if you wish to continue your personal work with the Order, and you have the desire to contribute to the spread of our Teaching throughout society, then you can apply to join our Order.

Then as a member of our Order, you will have a number of obligations to yourself, to society and to the Order.

These obligations are to:

  • to really apply the Teaching to yourself in your daily life
  • work for the propagation of the Teaching in society
  • apply yourself to the task of 'Universal Charity' both individually and collectively.

We repeat, these obligations are for members of the OL+E, not adherents studying the first 15 theorems.

Allowing people to study and apply the first 15 theorems of Marie without any obligation is an example of the application of 'Universal Charity'. This is not a matter of simply giving physical 'alms' as we understand within the Order, we must address the moral and spiritual states of the individual. For us, the best form of 'Universal Charity' is to help and guide someone to study and apply the first 15 theorems.

After completing this study, the person can apply to become a member of our Order to continue their personal studies and to take part in our collective work of spreading the teaching of the Order throughout society.

Those who truly apply Marie's teaching, will become happy, free and an independent individual.